Session Seven: What it's all about in 5 short minutes

Assistant Trail Crew Leader Ben Royer shot this using his Go Pro. It captures the spirit and hard work of S.W.E.A.T. Crew, session 7!

Session Overview:  There was not a lot of brushing this week. We could have used more digging tools because we mostly cleaned drains and put in steps. This section is in the Spruce/Fir forest so it does not have a bunch of undergrowth; plan for lots of drain digging in the future. Having a 12 person crew was great at times but hard to keep organized and busy. We had crews of 2 working together on drains. I will say this crew dug the best drains and I think it was because of the teams. 

The large crew made for an interesting camp life. Everyone got along, and a bunch of new friendships were made.

Specifications:  Parts of this section are extremely eroded; some places are 3-4 ft deep. The drains were cleaned very well. Not a lot of brushing was needed. 

 Results and Measurable Accomplishments: 

·         Total Trail Mileage: 2.94
·         Water Bars Installed: 2 rock and 1 log
·         Check Steps Installed: 8
·         New Drains Installed: 16
·         Drains Cleared: 104

Day 1: He hiked up Snake Den Ridge trail to the AT the on to Tricorner Knob Shelter arriving safely. We set up camp then had a camp orientation.

Photo: Lunch on the trail, thank goodness no one had to pass!

Day 2: We worked 0.9 miles south of Tricorner and leading down to the shelter. We spent time focusing on drain clearing with some brushing. We cleaned 28 drains and dug 5 new ones. We installed 1 rock water bar.

Photo: Mary clearing a drain. 

Day 3: We covered 1.14 miles of trail clearing 36 drains and building 6 new ones. We also installed 1 new check step and one new log water bar and 1 rock water bar.

Photo: (right) JR, David, Julia and Mary proud of how dirty they were! 

Day 4: We only covered 0.3 miles today because we began the day with 4 check steps and building a turnpike in the afternoon. We spent the day collecting rocks for crush and laying the log cribbing. We also cleared 15 drains.

Photos: Before (left) and during turnpike instillation (right)

Day 5: We finished our turnpike and covered .6 miles clearing 25 drains and building 3 more check steps. We also dug 5 new drains. We saw Billy the ridgerunner!

Day 6: Hike out to Soak Ash and break down.

Week Summary: A great week! We could have used more digging tools and a sledge but we made due. For next year bring more digging tools and less brushing tools. Loppers work great for cutting roots.