S.W.E.A.T. Session 6: The Privy Crew

               Session 6 started off with a lot of rain, making for a wet 11-mile hike to Pecks Corner. Though our awesome participants, Hans (joining us again from Session 1!), Cathy, and Chris, were great about it. When the crew finally made it to the administration cabin, it was nice to have a dry place to hang out and change clothes while waiting for the rain to taper off before putting up tents.
During the first workday, the crew worked closer to camp in damp conditions, since the hike in had been so long.

That night, Chris, Cathy, and Hans slept in the cabin. Though Hans was snoring, so he was woken up by Cathy and then did not get a lot of sleep the rest of the night because he was worried that he would start snoring again. On the third workday, the crew hiked out to the end of the section, a 6-mile hike, which took us most of the morning, and worked back to the stopping point from the previous day. That night Davis, Katie, and Cathy stayed in the cabin and Davis started snoring, so Cathy woke him up!
The final workday was where all the fun was had. The crew had the honor of digging a new hole for the privy house that is at the administration cabin. So in the morning, the crew worked on clearing drains on Hughes Ridge Trail from the A.T. to the cabin and doing a little brushwork just beyond the cabin. Chris and Davis hiked out a little further on the A.T. to clear a blow down and then we all met up at the
cabin to start working on our privy hole.
Digging the hole was the easy part, the really “fun” part was that the old hole that the privy was sitting over had overflowed, so we decided to dig two holes; one hole for the new privy and one hole to bury all the waste that was sitting above ground. Davis was given the honors of moving all the waste to the new hole. Later that evening we played some card games, one was a card game Chris taught us, an extremely fun game but we noticed that the scorekeeper kept winning all the games…
               The last day we packed up and headed out. The hike out from Pecks Corner is much different than most of our hikes out because it is not all downhill and it is the longest hike we do during the season. But the crew made good time, and it was not raining this time. Thank you for all the work you did this session! Though we had a smaller crew this week, we still completed our section and got to dig a new privy hole!