Session Two: Summer is in full swing and the blackberry bushes are growing!

Starkey Gap to Welch Ridge Trail Intersection
Crew Leader:  Amy Allamong
Assistant Crew Leader: Ben Royer

Session Overview:  This week we had a small crew of 6. One person was hiked out on the third day due to sickness. We stayed at Silers Bald Shelter instead of Derrick’s Knob due to hiking ability of the crew members and weather. We were able to work on the section between the shelters from Silers Bald just fine.

Summer is in full swing and the blackberry bushes are growing! This week we focused on cutting back the blackberry bushes and other perennial growth. We also focused on beech, cherry, and birch sapling removal from the corridor. As we hiked through we worked on the drains that could be cleaned easily and efficiently. We did not dig any new drains. The crew practiced solid safety principles while working and hiking to the worksite.

 Before (above) and After (right) drain enhancement.

Here are our crew's objectives:  The crew had a defined set of goals to accomplish during the session. These objectives included:

·         Remove brush within defined trail corridor.
·         Clear obstacles such as downed trees in the trail.

·         Clean existing drains and dig new ones where needed.

Week Summary: All in all it was a great six-day session. The beginning was rough with the hike in, long hike to the work site and all the rain. Most of the crew stayed positive and had a great time. It’s unfortunate we lost a crew member in the middle of the week due to illness; this had an impact on the amount of work we were able to accomplish. We ran into Billy the ridgerunner this week, he says things are looking great! 

Before annual growth was cut back...

Same location after annual growth was cut. Wow!